An active trade center with an exceptional harbour. The large, sheltered bay is protected from storms, and the bay’s narrow entrance is guarded for Point Vigilance by The Bastion, a large naval base, and the headquarters of Narastan’s navy.

Elestiaza is nominally ruled by Lord Quent Vandermare, however, he mainly focuses on his duties as Lord Admiral of the Navy, leaving running the city to his appointee, Mayor Lux Silverstrings, or Lux the Dealmaker.

Elestiaza has a large problem with gang violence, with clashes over turf disrupting the citizen’s lives daily. The four most powerful factions are the Riddlers, who control the east side of town, the Shadows, who operate in the west and central areas, the Errant Knights, a group of bored youths from minor nobility and wealthy families who ride around the outskirts of town, and the Longshoremen, who control the dock area.

A prominent feature of the city is the Water Tower, a cylindrical structure of unknown origin. It is 60 meters tall and 7 meters in diameter, with pipes jutting out from around the base that dispense clean, fresh water. The Water Tower is claimed by the government and the water is distributed freely to the people of the city, though mostly by the wealthy and powerful in practice. It is unknown how the Tower operates, but the water is thought so highly of that some is taken and used as a trade good. At some point a system of ducts was created that allows the water to be supplied more easily throughout the city.

Another landmark is the Cathedral of St. Fatima the Voyager, patron of mariners and explorers. The tall steeple of the cathedral was designed specifically to outdo the Water Tower.

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