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  • The Ulronai

    _(Alert readers will recognize the Ulronai from Hero Games’ +The Turakian Age+ supplement. Additional inspiration was drawn from Robert Jordan’s Tuatha'an and Robert E. Howard’s Cimmerians.)_ History: The Ulronai people were once very influential in …

  • Tessa

    A young woman in the [[The Ulronai|Ulronai]] underground near Sanry Castle. She led [[:tamun-bloodlock | Tamun Bloodlock]] to the underground and introduced him. Back to [[People]]

  • Tamun Bloodlock

    Born to the outcast (cursed) Ulronai people, Tamun was nonetheless marked by fate with a "bloodlock" - a lock of deep red hair, considered a rare and wonderful omen to the Ulronai. After discovering an artifact of a legendary ancestor (Orrek Bloodlock) …