Tag: Sanry Castle


  • Sanry Castle

    * The town around Sanry Castle is where we first met the group. * Small(+?) * Tight Security * Official buyer of [[Demon Metal]] * Secretive as to purpose * Profit Motivated * Cliff-top defense * Loading Dock Back to [[Locations]]

  • Wood's End

    * The village closest to the first [[Cataphract]] battle in the game. * [[:Zephyra]] had an argument over her collateral for cart rental with a farmer here. Back to [[Locations]]

  • Tessa

    A young woman in the [[The Ulronai|Ulronai]] underground near Sanry Castle. She led [[:tamun-bloodlock | Tamun Bloodlock]] to the underground and introduced him. Back to [[People]]

  • Churtsey

    * A librarian that works in [[Sanry Castle]]. * [[:Cern]] did him a favour once in a religious capacity, as Churtsey isn't in good standing with the Church.