Tag: People


  • Tessa

    A young woman in the [[The Ulronai|Ulronai]] underground near Sanry Castle. She led [[:tamun-bloodlock | Tamun Bloodlock]] to the underground and introduced him. Back to [[People]]

  • Lux the Dealmaker

    The Mayor of [[Elestiaza]] appointed by [[Quent Vandermare]]. He is highly praised for his successful economic policies. He has also been praised for his fair treatment of all the citizens of the city, as demonstrated by making sure even the poorest have …

  • Theosophilus Groon

    Theosophilus Groon left [[Greenhollow]] as a young man to seek his fortune as a [[Cataphract Hunter]]. About ten years ago he returned home with the fortune he amassed during his absence and settled down. Through investments in land, and using his wealth …

  • Churtsey

    * A librarian that works in [[Sanry Castle]]. * [[:Cern]] did him a favour once in a religious capacity, as Churtsey isn't in good standing with the Church.