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  • Narastan City

    h5. Features * The political heart of the kingdom * The [[Silver Palace]] is in the center of the city, surrounded by opulent gardens * The palace and homes of nobles are on an island in the middle of a lake - Simonars Island * Bitter call it "Sit on …

  • Greenhollow

    * Hometown of [[:arniss | Arniss]] * [[:theosophilus-groon | Theosophilus Groon]] is Mayor here. * Everybody knows everybody * 3-400 people farmng community * Average (+1): Village * Town Drunk * Farmers are landowners * Surrounded by forests * …

  • King's Men

    Organization responsible for keeping the peace in [[Narastan]]. Technically they answer only to the King, but mostly obey the lord of whatever city they're based in. Because of this, some local lords maintain a separate security force. Back to [[ …

  • Narastan

    * Kingdom bordered by the [[Sea of Nolan]] to the south, the [[Loskan Desert]] to the west, and the badlands of [[Khryssia]] to the northeast. Back to [[Locations]]

  • Sanry Castle

    * The town around Sanry Castle is where we first met the group. * Small(+?) * Tight Security * Official buyer of [[Demon Metal]] * Secretive as to purpose * Profit Motivated * Cliff-top defense * Loading Dock Back to [[Locations]]

  • Wood's End

    * The village closest to the first [[Cataphract]] battle in the game. * [[:Zephyra]] had an argument over her collateral for cart rental with a farmer here. Back to [[Locations]]

  • Silver Palace

    * Royal Palace of [[Narastan]] * Located on Simonars Island in [[Narastan City]] * Palace wall encloses magnificent gardens * Mansions of most privileged nobles are just outside Back to [[Locations]]

  • Theosophilus Groon

    Theosophilus Groon left [[Greenhollow]] as a young man to seek his fortune as a [[Cataphract Hunter]]. About ten years ago he returned home with the fortune he amassed during his absence and settled down. Through investments in land, and using his wealth …

  • Churtsey

    * A librarian that works in [[Sanry Castle]]. * [[:Cern]] did him a favour once in a religious capacity, as Churtsey isn't in good standing with the Church.