Huzzah Team Origins: Officer Jenny

7 Short Stories About Team Huzzah
ALWAYS Split the Party.

================= TEAM HUZZAH AND THE LADY OF ELESTIAZA =================

After carting the LADY OF ELESTIAZA into town, the group split up and pursued their own separate agendas around town. CERN SMITHSSON set out to search for information about the origin and capabilities of the statue. Unfortunately for him, the best place to search for such information was in the library of the local university, which is run by the Fellowship of the Prophet, an order of scholars in the Church. Due to the charges of heresy, Cern risked capture if recognized, but was able to enter the library anonymously. There he discovered that the statue was over 1500 years old, and appeared to be the result of a curse designed to leave the town a hotbed of criminal activity.

JOKOBE wished to meet with an old friend of the old smith they had taken the statue from, JONAS CARPENTER. Carpenter lived in a bad part of town near the harbour. On his way there, Jokobe discovered he was being tailed by suspicious men, later found to be members of the SHADOWS, an organization of thieves. After a tense chase resulting from Jokobe trying to shake them, he was able to turn the tables and follow the tails back to their hideout, the UMBRA, a seedy pub. Jokobe passed himself off as a Shadow and infiltrated the tavern, but ended up drinking large quantities of ale in order to maintain the act.

ARMAGH and ARNIS were approached by a merchant by the name of MERRICK, who knew of the cargo they guarded and suggested they come to his mansion to listen to a business proposal. Highly dubious, Arnis set out to learn what he could about Merrick and his reputation in town. After learning that Merrick was a legitimate, though ambitious, importer/exporter, Arnis was attacked by an unknown assailant and dragged away.

For his part, Armagh remained to maintain watch over the crate containing the cursed statue. A good choice, as their wagon was subject to a brazen daylight robbery attempt by the ERRANT KNIGHTS, a group of young, moneyed n’er-do-wells. Armagh managed to entangle their leader in his stirrups and have him dragged away by his horse, followed by his alarmed companions. How long will it be before they return?

PRINCESS ZEPHYRA made contact with an up-and-coming employee of the Mayor of Elestiaza by the name of KARL BRIGGSTOCK. Over lunch, the two verbally sparred, Zephyra attempting to get information on the city’s political situation and details about Merrick, while he attempted to impress the daughter of the King in order to advance his political career, while at the same time pumping her for high-level political gossip. Unfortunately for him, he was much more successful in impressing Zephyra’s adjutant, JENNY, than the princess herself.

Meanwhile, TAMUN BLOODLOCK had walked to the ruins of RANJAKORLAMONTIPHACIARAHM, the other of The Sisters, in order to find out if the rumours of Ulronai gathering there were true. There he discovered a large encampment. When asking its purpose, he was pointed to the tent of their leader, INFEL GOLDENWORTH. Tamun burst into a meeting between the scholar and the famous Ulronai mercenary, ROBERT GLAIVE, demanding recognition as the prophesied saviour of the Ulronai people. After a bitter argument, a disillusioned Tamun wandered the camp, trying to decide to do next. There he was approached by Glaive, who attempted to reassure Tamun, offering him the chance to take on an important mission: delivering a secret message to the leader of an Ulronai theater troupe in DYMI, the capital of HAEPHAERIA.

DROGAR HAWKSBLOOD, flush with his success in using the power of nature to subdue the leader of the Riddler squad after the statue, went out to the coast to attempt to gather information about the rumoured sea serpents. Along the way he witnessed an attack by the Errant Knights on Tamun, who was returning to Elestiaza. Drogar ignored his companion’s plight, believing Tamun quite capable of handling the matter on his own. After a series of cryptic exchanges with a bed of SEAWEED, an unsatisfied Drogar returned to town, walking by an embattled Tamun. When Tamun defeated his assailants, he caught up to Drogar, and the two returned to Elestiaza together.

Will the group be able to reach a consensus on what to do next? Who attacked Arnis? Will Jokobe’s inebriated investigation bear fruit? A guest star?!? Find out next time!

Team Huzzah and "The Lady of Elestiaza"!
The party finds a statue

==================== Team Huzzah and The Lady of Elestiaza ====================

On the road to THE SISTERS, the team is beset by a flack of IRONFEATHER BIRDS. After a near-deadly struggle, Drogar was left with severe arm wounds, the the leader of the flock was captured and hooded by Tamun. He hopes the bird can be trained as a sparring partner to develop his swordfighting techniques.

On the outskirts of Elestiaza, they were flagged down by an old woman begging for their assistance. A gang of thugs was interrogating her husband as to the whereabouts of a certain statue. The party sprang into action, confronting a contingent of THE RIDDLERS. After a scuffle, the leader of the thugs took the old man hostage. However, the situation was resolved when Drogar was able to manifest the power of nature for the first time, binding the thug’s hands with vines.

The man told them that they were looking the statue “The Lady of Elestiaza”, which they had somehow found out that he had stolen years ago. He claimed that the statue had the power to rally the criminal underworld to whoever owned it. He stole it in order to break the power of the criminal organization that ran the town at the time. With the old man’s blessing, they dug up the statue and took it with them.

In Elestizia, Drogar and Cern had trouble finding an available and affordable healer for Drogar’s injuries, eventually tracking down Zephyra, who was attending a ritzy party.

Finally, Tamun set off for the ruins of the other Sister, in order to locate the Ulronai encampment he had heard rumours of…

Between Narastan City and the Sisters
Enjoy Nature, Buying a Cart

============ ON THE ROAD AGAIN =========

  • Arnis spent the night in Narastan City, while the others fought a bear in a cave
  • Drogar learned of the existence of Druidic nature powers from an irascible old druid, who was as curmudgeon;y as Drogar himself
  • The group went to a small town on the road to pick up a big cart
  • As Arnis, Jokobe, and Armagh negotiated, Raz Elisah and a contingent of the King’s Men stopped in town, hunting
  • The group managed to lay low, get a good price on a cart, and leave town
The Results
Escape from Narastan City

=============== THE ROAD TO THE SISTERS, EPISODE IV ===============

  • Lake Market Action Scene
    • Cern, Tamun, and Arnis were on a boat, Armagh and Drogar were trying to lose the guard through the Market, and Zephyra was inciting the crowd to call out her father, King Alomar
    • Had to keep Zephyra safe long enough to see the King (3 rounds)
    • Jenny ran to Zephyra’s side, freeing up Armagh’s hands
  • Group 1 (boat by east gate):
    • Heroes
      • Cern
      • Tamun
      • Arnis
    • Masked Men (Ulronai Thieves)
      • 4 Fair Minion Group (Athletics)
    • King’s Men
  • Group 2 (Edge of Lake Market near Zephyra):
    • Heroes
      • Armagh (+Jenny)
      • Drogar
    • King’s Men
      • Jamie Frock
      • 3 Fair Minion Group (Melee)
      • 3 Fair Minion Groups (Melee) (Spawning)
  • Thieves tried to get help from fellow Ulronai Tamun (“Bloodlock”)
  • Tamun held Raz Elisah and his underlings to a standstill, maintaining a sturdy pure defense, even after Cern lit the boat on fire
  • Jamie wanted to convince Armagh to surrender quietly, no ill-will, but Armagh wasn’t having it
  • While Drogar brawled with Jamie, Armagh held off a dozen guards by destroying their footholds
  • If Zephyra turns to escape, a raw, young, frightened recruit named Amelia stands in her way
  • Arnis escaped up the river by swimming
  • The King made an announcement on the battlements to his Private Secretary, Bernard: he’s visiting Balarion, leaving Septus 25th
  • Zephyra turned to escape, and a raw, young, frightened recruit named Amelia stood in her way
  • Zephyra told Amelia to live and grow stronger as she rode off
  • Jokobe appeared with their carriage, which he had retrieved, and everyone piled on to escape
  • A thief gave Tamun an expensive-looking urn as thanks
  • The group rode off, Jokobe took them on a wild ride to escape the city
  • Despite their best efforts, the carriage ended up being crushed by the city gate
  • The group left, nursing their injuries, and headed for a cave Zephyra used to visit
Narastan City Limits, Road to the Sisters
An Interlude in the Capital

============= Road to the Sisters =============

  • Stopover in Greenhollow
    • Magerian has been going to the woods a lot lately – went with a man today
    • Guys at tavern trying to get Arnis’ goat
    • They were easily tracked down by Drogar
    • Signs of a struggle, 2 bodies dragged off
    • Group of shoebox-sized spiders dragging cocooned pair to lair
    • They were willing to release the captives in return for food
    • Drogar and Zephyra each caught a deer for the spiders, freed Maggie and Tommy
    • Maggie and cousin Tommy were looking for glowing stones
    • About size of pinecone, acorn
    • Valuable as artificial light, rare
    • Get them while the morning dew is still wet, pick them up with a cloth, keep them in water
    • Condensed moonlight – Moon Jars
    • Ancient Moon Goddess Lorissa’s Tears
    • Get to meet Arnis’ family
    • They are tolerant, but think he’s weird
    • Tamun was viewd with suspicion
    • They think he should settle down, that he’s fallen in with bad sorts
    • Samuston and Jannie → Arnis’ parents
    • Armagh still has registered warhammer
    • Arnis gave his family 1 Resources
    • Thanks to Cern’s amazing sprint, 2 Moon Jars were created, kept 1, gave the other to townspeople
  • Stone Casters
    • A village mob is about to stone an accused horse thief, who protested his innocence
    • Content Not Found: cern convinces them that evidence was needed, and he and Armagh interrogated the accused
    • Zamieon chose for Cern to discover that the accused thief was actually guilty, as the group thought that this would be a more interesting development. However, they felt that they then had no choice but to turn the thief in for execution. Cern and Armagh intimidated him into confessing, so that Cern could forgive him, allowing his soul to go to Heaven. The group agreed that this encounter had gone in a pretty depressing direction all around, and we quickly moved on.
    • The man (John) turned out to be an actual horse thief
    • Cern and Armagh convinced him to confess and get absolution before his execution
    • The people of the village asked Cern to preside over Mass as a guest priest
    • The pastor kicked Cern to the curb after his unorthodox sermon
  • Visit Narastan City
    • Armagh is wanted due to attack on Osric’s office
    • Zephyra isn’t allowed to enter, by “order of the King”
    • Zephyra demanded to see the order to verify it
    • Arnis was sent to the Guard’s barracks to fetch the proclamation, which was signed
    • Zephyra tore up the order and rode right past the stunned soldiers, followed by the others in the coach
    • Zephyra headed straight towards the center of the city, Drogar and Armagh dodged into Old Town, while Arnis was left behind
    • Tamun and Cern dropped of the coach to help Arnis
    • Jokobe mislead Guard reinforcements long enough for the 3 to beat up their immediate pursuers and run, ending up at the east river-gate to the lake market
    • Zephyra nimbly rode through the lake market to the castle wall, stirring up the crowd to chant of the King to come out and explain himself
    • Drogar and Armagh, being chased by the King’s men, attempt to lose them in the lake market crowd
    • Tamun, Cern, and Arnis jump on a boat and ride into the lake market
    • A band of masked men, being chased by the Captain of the King’s Men, leap into the boat as well!
  • Highlights
    • Zephyra’s rejection and bold disobedience of her father’s proclamation
    • Cern bails on the carriage to help Tamun and Arnis
    • Story of Lorissa’s tears were a spontaneous group effort
    • Finding horse thief was guilty took the game to a darker place than I wanted, but people felt the roleplaying was good.
    • Moving on quickly and turning up the swashbuckling opportunities helped turn the mood around.
    • Ended on a dramatic note to build excitement for next week.
First Gameplay Session
Crab Battle

============= INTRO CRAB BATTLE SCENARIO =============

-Lord Eagleton of Sanry Castle
-Demo: Tamun attacked in alley on way to Happy Cataphract Inn by
the Crosby boy and 2 associates (compel curse)
-one tries to sneak behind/crouch in prep for push
→ maneuver (stealth v alert)
-Try to intimidate Tamun first – want the sword to sell
-Gordan and Greta Lodge run the Happy Cataphract Inn
-Greta notices the group is short on cash
-Jackie the Lop (ears to the ground) is the sly information
trader – knows what goes on in town (gossip)
-He’s gotten word of Cataphract signs – headed toward the
village of Wood’s End
-The cataphract is further south than usual – usually
in badlands then go west to the villages NW of Sanry
-Jed is the folksy Loading Dock clerk – he’ll need to
get more gold to pay for the Metal
-Jed will try to lowball their huge haul – need skill
-complains about the folks at the Sisters/
Navy “not doing their part” for the country, unlike Sanry
-Drogar been out tracking? Good way for him to find it
-The 2 groups go to the woods separately
-One group arrives first, must fight Cataphract alone
a bit
-Cataphract fight in woods: zones (trail<>clearing<>
<>brush<2>trees<2>…) – Music
-Warn Tamun and Drogar about fire activation, roll Alert
for approaching <ensorcelled>
-Bandits arrive when Cat defeated → 5 3groups for 7
players, or 4 for 6, plus an 8group
-Players must haul back several hund. lbs of Metal to get

Lobster Cataphract – Good Elite
0/5 Fate Points Scale 2 (small)
Physical Stress: XXXXXXX
Composure Stress: 00000
Consequences (3): Leg out of joint, Tail full of holes, arrows

Good 3: Endurance
Fair 2: Claws (Melee), Tail (Fists), Fire
Avg 1: Intimidation, Alertness, Athletics(-3), Might,

Large, lobster like monster
Smooth, metallic outer shell
Breathes a firey blast
Mindless focus
Face in the dirt
The tail’s way back there!
Weakness: Weak Spot – Face – Auto Consequence
Weakness: Ponderous – -2 Athletics
Weakness: Charge Time – 1 Round Tell before Fire

*Area Attack: Firey Blast – Pay a FP to attack all targets
p. 181 in a zone, pay another FP to place aspect
*Protection: Pay a FP to reduce damage by 2 for an exchange
*Outer Shellx2: -2 Athletics, Damage Reduction
*Claws: +2 Damage Bonus

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