Theosophilus Groon

Mayor of Greenhollow


Theosophilus Groon left Greenhollow as a young man to seek his fortune as a Cataphract Hunter. About ten years ago he returned home with the fortune he amassed during his absence and settled down. Through investments in land, and using his wealth to curry favour among the nobility, he accumulated influence. He was able to ensure that he was elected Mayor of Grenhollow when the previous mayor retired.

Groon has since settled down to enjoy his life. He is a friendly man who enjoys life and seems to have arrived exactly where he wants to be. He’s well known for his frequent parties and social visits to Greenhollow’s citizens. However, in his capacity as the local judge, he reveals a merciless contempt for the accused. He despises those he views as “troublemakers”, handing down harsh sentences and viewing any and all protestations of innocence with suspicion.

Theosophilus Groon

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