Raz Elisah

Squad Captain in Narastan City's King's Men

Raz Elisah - Great Extra
6/6 Fate Points		Scale 2 (small)
Physical Stress:  000000
Composure Stress: 000000
Consequences (3): 
Consequences (2): 1 Major, 1 Minor

Sprb 5: Melee
Good 3: Alertness, Atletics
Fair 2: Resolve, Empathy, Endurance
Avg  1: Contacting, Rapport 

Prideful keeper of the peace
Quick to anger
"None can stand against my seven-sided spear!"
Noisy, Hot, Heavy Armour
Long, 2-Handed Weapon, Poor in close combat

*Spear Specialist: +2 Damage
*Armored: -1 damage
*Armor Training: Ignore -1 Athletics penalty

- Big Spear +5 Damage 
- Chain Armour - 1 - Major, Minor Consequence

The Captain of a squad in Narastan City‘s chapter of the King’s Men. Extremely capable, but has great pride, and a bit of a temper.

Raz Elisah

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