Huzzah Team Origins: Officer Jenny

The Results

Escape from Narastan City

=============== THE ROAD TO THE SISTERS, EPISODE IV ===============

  • Lake Market Action Scene
    • Cern, Tamun, and Arnis were on a boat, Armagh and Drogar were trying to lose the guard through the Market, and Zephyra was inciting the crowd to call out her father, King Alomar
    • Had to keep Zephyra safe long enough to see the King (3 rounds)
    • Jenny ran to Zephyra’s side, freeing up Armagh’s hands
  • Group 1 (boat by east gate):
    • Heroes
      • Cern
      • Tamun
      • Arnis
    • Masked Men (Ulronai Thieves)
      • 4 Fair Minion Group (Athletics)
    • King’s Men
  • Group 2 (Edge of Lake Market near Zephyra):
    • Heroes
      • Armagh (+Jenny)
      • Drogar
    • King’s Men
      • Jamie Frock
      • 3 Fair Minion Group (Melee)
      • 3 Fair Minion Groups (Melee) (Spawning)
  • Thieves tried to get help from fellow Ulronai Tamun (“Bloodlock”)
  • Tamun held Raz Elisah and his underlings to a standstill, maintaining a sturdy pure defense, even after Cern lit the boat on fire
  • Jamie wanted to convince Armagh to surrender quietly, no ill-will, but Armagh wasn’t having it
  • While Drogar brawled with Jamie, Armagh held off a dozen guards by destroying their footholds
  • If Zephyra turns to escape, a raw, young, frightened recruit named Amelia stands in her way
  • Arnis escaped up the river by swimming
  • The King made an announcement on the battlements to his Private Secretary, Bernard: he’s visiting Balarion, leaving Septus 25th
  • Zephyra turned to escape, and a raw, young, frightened recruit named Amelia stood in her way
  • Zephyra told Amelia to live and grow stronger as she rode off
  • Jokobe appeared with their carriage, which he had retrieved, and everyone piled on to escape
  • A thief gave Tamun an expensive-looking urn as thanks
  • The group rode off, Jokobe took them on a wild ride to escape the city
  • Despite their best efforts, the carriage ended up being crushed by the city gate
  • The group left, nursing their injuries, and headed for a cave Zephyra used to visit



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