Huzzah Team Origins: Officer Jenny

Team Huzzah and "The Lady of Elestiaza"!

The party finds a statue

==================== Team Huzzah and The Lady of Elestiaza ====================

On the road to THE SISTERS, the team is beset by a flack of IRONFEATHER BIRDS. After a near-deadly struggle, Drogar was left with severe arm wounds, the the leader of the flock was captured and hooded by Tamun. He hopes the bird can be trained as a sparring partner to develop his swordfighting techniques.

On the outskirts of Elestiaza, they were flagged down by an old woman begging for their assistance. A gang of thugs was interrogating her husband as to the whereabouts of a certain statue. The party sprang into action, confronting a contingent of THE RIDDLERS. After a scuffle, the leader of the thugs took the old man hostage. However, the situation was resolved when Drogar was able to manifest the power of nature for the first time, binding the thug’s hands with vines.

The man told them that they were looking the statue “The Lady of Elestiaza”, which they had somehow found out that he had stolen years ago. He claimed that the statue had the power to rally the criminal underworld to whoever owned it. He stole it in order to break the power of the criminal organization that ran the town at the time. With the old man’s blessing, they dug up the statue and took it with them.

In Elestizia, Drogar and Cern had trouble finding an available and affordable healer for Drogar’s injuries, eventually tracking down Zephyra, who was attending a ritzy party.

Finally, Tamun set off for the ruins of the other Sister, in order to locate the Ulronai encampment he had heard rumours of…



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