Huzzah Team Origins: Officer Jenny

Narastan City Limits, Road to the Sisters

An Interlude in the Capital

============= Road to the Sisters =============

  • Stopover in Greenhollow
    • Magerian has been going to the woods a lot lately – went with a man today
    • Guys at tavern trying to get Arnis’ goat
    • They were easily tracked down by Drogar
    • Signs of a struggle, 2 bodies dragged off
    • Group of shoebox-sized spiders dragging cocooned pair to lair
    • They were willing to release the captives in return for food
    • Drogar and Zephyra each caught a deer for the spiders, freed Maggie and Tommy
    • Maggie and cousin Tommy were looking for glowing stones
    • About size of pinecone, acorn
    • Valuable as artificial light, rare
    • Get them while the morning dew is still wet, pick them up with a cloth, keep them in water
    • Condensed moonlight – Moon Jars
    • Ancient Moon Goddess Lorissa’s Tears
    • Get to meet Arnis’ family
    • They are tolerant, but think he’s weird
    • Tamun was viewd with suspicion
    • They think he should settle down, that he’s fallen in with bad sorts
    • Samuston and Jannie → Arnis’ parents
    • Armagh still has registered warhammer
    • Arnis gave his family 1 Resources
    • Thanks to Cern’s amazing sprint, 2 Moon Jars were created, kept 1, gave the other to townspeople
  • Stone Casters
    • A village mob is about to stone an accused horse thief, who protested his innocence
    • Content Not Found: cern convinces them that evidence was needed, and he and Armagh interrogated the accused
    • Zamieon chose for Cern to discover that the accused thief was actually guilty, as the group thought that this would be a more interesting development. However, they felt that they then had no choice but to turn the thief in for execution. Cern and Armagh intimidated him into confessing, so that Cern could forgive him, allowing his soul to go to Heaven. The group agreed that this encounter had gone in a pretty depressing direction all around, and we quickly moved on.
    • The man (John) turned out to be an actual horse thief
    • Cern and Armagh convinced him to confess and get absolution before his execution
    • The people of the village asked Cern to preside over Mass as a guest priest
    • The pastor kicked Cern to the curb after his unorthodox sermon
  • Visit Narastan City
    • Armagh is wanted due to attack on Osric’s office
    • Zephyra isn’t allowed to enter, by “order of the King”
    • Zephyra demanded to see the order to verify it
    • Arnis was sent to the Guard’s barracks to fetch the proclamation, which was signed
    • Zephyra tore up the order and rode right past the stunned soldiers, followed by the others in the coach
    • Zephyra headed straight towards the center of the city, Drogar and Armagh dodged into Old Town, while Arnis was left behind
    • Tamun and Cern dropped of the coach to help Arnis
    • Jokobe mislead Guard reinforcements long enough for the 3 to beat up their immediate pursuers and run, ending up at the east river-gate to the lake market
    • Zephyra nimbly rode through the lake market to the castle wall, stirring up the crowd to chant of the King to come out and explain himself
    • Drogar and Armagh, being chased by the King’s men, attempt to lose them in the lake market crowd
    • Tamun, Cern, and Arnis jump on a boat and ride into the lake market
    • A band of masked men, being chased by the Captain of the King’s Men, leap into the boat as well!
  • Highlights
    • Zephyra’s rejection and bold disobedience of her father’s proclamation
    • Cern bails on the carriage to help Tamun and Arnis
    • Story of Lorissa’s tears were a spontaneous group effort
    • Finding horse thief was guilty took the game to a darker place than I wanted, but people felt the roleplaying was good.
    • Moving on quickly and turning up the swashbuckling opportunities helped turn the mood around.
    • Ended on a dramatic note to build excitement for next week.



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