Huzzah Team Origins: Officer Jenny

First Gameplay Session

Crab Battle

============= INTRO CRAB BATTLE SCENARIO =============

-Lord Eagleton of Sanry Castle
-Demo: Tamun attacked in alley on way to Happy Cataphract Inn by
the Crosby boy and 2 associates (compel curse)
-one tries to sneak behind/crouch in prep for push
→ maneuver (stealth v alert)
-Try to intimidate Tamun first – want the sword to sell
-Gordan and Greta Lodge run the Happy Cataphract Inn
-Greta notices the group is short on cash
-Jackie the Lop (ears to the ground) is the sly information
trader – knows what goes on in town (gossip)
-He’s gotten word of Cataphract signs – headed toward the
village of Wood’s End
-The cataphract is further south than usual – usually
in badlands then go west to the villages NW of Sanry
-Jed is the folksy Loading Dock clerk – he’ll need to
get more gold to pay for the Metal
-Jed will try to lowball their huge haul – need skill
-complains about the folks at the Sisters/
Navy “not doing their part” for the country, unlike Sanry
-Drogar been out tracking? Good way for him to find it
-The 2 groups go to the woods separately
-One group arrives first, must fight Cataphract alone
a bit
-Cataphract fight in woods: zones (trail<>clearing<>
<>brush<2>trees<2>…) – Music
-Warn Tamun and Drogar about fire activation, roll Alert
for approaching <ensorcelled>
-Bandits arrive when Cat defeated → 5 3groups for 7
players, or 4 for 6, plus an 8group
-Players must haul back several hund. lbs of Metal to get

Lobster Cataphract – Good Elite
0/5 Fate Points Scale 2 (small)
Physical Stress: XXXXXXX
Composure Stress: 00000
Consequences (3): Leg out of joint, Tail full of holes, arrows

Good 3: Endurance
Fair 2: Claws (Melee), Tail (Fists), Fire
Avg 1: Intimidation, Alertness, Athletics(-3), Might,

Large, lobster like monster
Smooth, metallic outer shell
Breathes a firey blast
Mindless focus
Face in the dirt
The tail’s way back there!
Weakness: Weak Spot – Face – Auto Consequence
Weakness: Ponderous – -2 Athletics
Weakness: Charge Time – 1 Round Tell before Fire

*Area Attack: Firey Blast – Pay a FP to attack all targets
p. 181 in a zone, pay another FP to place aspect
*Protection: Pay a FP to reduce damage by 2 for an exchange
*Outer Shellx2: -2 Athletics, Damage Reduction
*Claws: +2 Damage Bonus



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